Detachable Installation Automatic Solar Panel Module Curing Line Suppliers

Detachable Installation Automatic Solar Panel Module Curing Line Suppliers
Product Details

Support remote diagnosis system.

Provide free software update service for a life-long time

Steel structurat bracket enables dismountable mounting of the whole curing line.

Steel plate coated housing paint enables smooth and nice line.

Steel chain plate enables bearing capacity.

Photo-sensing system for locating module under conveying, automatically catch up module reaching the final station before end after curing with manipulator.

Each module can stay in partition for more than 6 hours, and specific time can be set.

Customized length of curing line: width: 2.6m; top side: 2.2m.

Function and introduction

Robot arm for loading and unloading for module curing

1.Module transfer.

2.The modules are stagered placed.

3.The stacking height of the module is 1650 mm(33 module of 50 mm ) above the surface of the curing machine.

4.The fixture of the module is made of ALu frame


1.The machine uses pinion and rack transmission nechanism driven by servo motor, and guided by linear rail, with advantages such as precise positioning and stable running.

2.The machine is equipped with safety fence to ensure the safety of operation.

3.The machine is equipped with power-off and air-off protection.

4.The fixture of the module frame is safe, reliable and leave no scratch.

5.The machine is full-automatic requiring no human interference.

6.User-friendly interface for operating and programming.

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Support remote diagnosis system.

Provide free software update service for a life-long time

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