Best Full Aautomatic High Pixel Solar Cell/Solar Module EL Tester Equipment

Best Full Aautomatic High Pixel Solar Cell/Solar Module EL Tester Equipment
Product Details

Main function

1. Equipment uptime: ≥98﹪ except repair and maintenance, calculating by continuous working for 1 year.

2. Equipment type changing time strictly controlled within 33 mins.

3. Equipment needs to be configured with excellent scanning gun eg: Honeywell, Motorola, etc. ♦ Barcode leakage rate and messy code rate is 1/10,000.

4. Barcode can be input manually and automatically, and barcode serial number can be shown in saved pictures.

5. With re-photograph mode.

6. Customized shoot type, classify defects and auto create date files; auto save, query function.

7. Direct connection function.

8. Transmission pattern: conveyor belt.

9. Photo format and save path can be changed.

10. Photo display pixel, software is adjustable.

11. Read MES,API, MES server reads data and process pictures.

12. Defects identifying function can be upgraded automatically.

13. Mechanical structure, control signal and transmission cycle time(beat) can be seamlessly connected with front and back transmission line.

14. Testing pictures of many EL testers can be shown in one computer.

15. Reserved communication port with MES.

Equipment operation time: ≤30s.

Support romote diagnosis system.

Provide free software update service for a life-long time

Application range: long side: 1500-2000mm, short side 800-1000mm

Automatically name and save image with bar code.

Industrial camera with 16 mega pixels/24 mega pixels.

The test results are automatically stored in the computer.

El test received the signal.

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Support remote diagnosis system.

Provide free software update service for a life-long time

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