Advantages and characteristics of Battery string lining up machine

- Mar 14, 2019-

The Battery string lining up machine can realize the battery string welding and the positioning and layout of the battery string on the glass during the operation, which simplifies the production line process when used, and is a device for customers with higher comprehensive requirements. The ideal combination of equipment, it can be flexible, easy to upgrade, fully automated and so on.

Advantages of using battery stringer
1. The battery string typesetting machine series welding typesetting is the same body combination, the design is reasonable, and the floor space is small.
2. Multi-station CCD detection
3. High efficiency, single string welding type combination up to 2400 pieces / hour.
4. Welding fragmentation rate
5. Compatible with 2-5 grid, switching gate time is less than 2 hours
6. Multi-function man-machine interface, full-featured and easy to operate.