Advantages and main features of Automatic mould placing machine

- Jun 04, 2018-

Automatic mould placing machine is mainly through its intelligent control system in the process of operation, to a certain extent in accordance with the design of its design, so that it can effectively drive the template for horizontal and vertical precision movement, so that you can effectively sewing A variety of complex lines.

Automatic placement of the stencil machine after use, artificially placed in an auxiliary position in the production of clothing, to a certain extent, its workers only need to arrange and replace the pieces of work, the rest of the sewing, moving, positioning, trimming, Inspection work is done automatically by machines, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and can be produced in a “one person and multiple machines” style, changing the dependence of traditional clothing companies on skilled personnel and labor-intensive production methods. Not only can significantly reduce the production costs of garment companies, but also allows companies to conduct high-efficiency production.

Automatic placement of the stencil machine to a certain extent is mainly used one-button operation, in the process of operation is very simple, fast and efficient and accurate. Sewing work area: X axis can be extended indefinitely, Y axis 802mm. High-precision screw drive, ultra-quiet design.

The automatic placement of the stencil machine can effectively realize the back seam of the front seam to a certain extent. Its highest rotation speed is 3000rpm, and the stitches are stable. The innovative folding worktable is convenient for floor transportation. The equipment has the function of breakage detection and bottom line detection, which can take into account the thin material, medium material and thick material sewing fabric.

Automatic placement of the template machine is mainly used in the production of its advanced new gear design, in the process of operation, its speed can effectively reach 1800-2700 rpm / minute, the entire equipment multi-head synchronous sewing, so that it can be in certain To a certain extent, it can effectively improve the efficiency of its production work and the quality of its products, effectively simplify and standardize its complex processes, and reduce the rate of quality defects.

Replacing the existing manual-operated sewing machines with computerized machines with a higher degree of automation to reduce the reliance on high-skilled personnel, ensure quality, and solve the problem of shortage of workers and skills defects in industrial workers, and complete the sewing of garments with full automation. , to promote the streamlining of the garment template process.