Advantages and maintenance of robotic autoloaders

- Jun 19, 2018-

With the continuous development of industrial development, industrial production has gradually begun to replace labor by machinery to complete various technological processes, thereby liberating manpower. The robotic autoloader is an intelligent device that has been successfully developed on the basis of this. In the loading process, the heavier product or the precise teaching product can be completed by the robotic autoloader.


In the past, many labors were needed to complete the work. The efficiency was low and there was a danger. The key was the low operation accuracy. Instead of manual loading of materials by a robotic autoloader, efficiency is greatly improved first, which saves manpower. At the same time, automation equipment is compared to improve the flexibility of the production line.


That is because the robotic autoloader not only has the basic structure of modern loaders such as hydromechanical transmission, power shifting, double-bridge driving, hydraulic steering, articulated power steering, gas-pushing oil-refueling braking, etc., but also uses advanced technologies. Intelligent technology has a series of advantages in terms of overall performance, such as good dynamics, flexibility, ease of operation, and high operating efficiency.


The robotic autoloader is visually collocated with visual positioning to avoid inconsistent positions; the robotic autoloader then operates according to visual prompts, which not only fixes the production capacity, but also makes manual operations easy to use. There is no need to worry about personnel having a longer transition time.


Of course, the automated and intelligent equipment also requires the user to correctly operate and carefully maintain it. During daily use, it is necessary to check the robot's auto loader body and its peripheral related fixing screws, and whether the external wiring connector is loose; the joint reducer is Is there any leakage or leakage of grease? There are no abnormal noises and abnormal vibrations.


And periodically check the encoder battery of the robot autoloader; check whether there is any deterioration in its own job accuracy; regular maintenance helps to extend the service life of the robot autoloader, to some extent, can directly or indirectly reduce the company's consumption costs .