Advantages of solar panel module curing line and its operation process

- Aug 07, 2018-

The solar panel module curing line is a part of the photovoltaic production line. Due to insufficient precision or improper operation, quality problems will inevitably occur, resulting in early failure of common components such as cell crack or solder joint. A large power attenuation accident, so the production line will replace the traditional manual operation.


The solar panel module curing line is introduced into the workshop, such as string welding machine, component tester, EL defect detector, laminating machine, framer, glue machine, etc. The Sangong photocurrent water production line has advanced equipment and high degree of automation. The advanced level. At the same time, the layout of the assembly line is scientific, reasonable, beautiful, cost-effective, and easy to operate and maintain.


The solar panel module curing line is responsible for the curing process of the solar panel template. After the battery sheet is soldered and tested, the component string, the glass and the cut EVA, the glass fiber and the back sheet are laid according to a certain level. Prepare for lamination. The laid battery is placed in a laminator, the air in the assembly is evacuated by vacuuming, and then heated to fuse the EVA to bond the battery, the glass and the back sheet together; finally, the assembly is cooled and taken out.