Applicable products and features of solar PV module automation machines

- May 28, 2019-

The solar PV module automation machine is mainly used for solar photovoltaic crystal silicon components and thin film components: single-piece glass, double-glass: EVA, PVB and other materials. And the upper circulating high temperature cloth is arranged to prevent the EVA from adhering to the silica gel plate to prolong the service life of the silica gel plate; and the cooling fan is arranged under the roller of the discharging table, which can quickly cool the component.


The upper box rib of the solar photovoltaic module automation machine adopts the grid design to increase the strength of the upper box and effectively prevent the deformation; the silica gel plate is fast-clamped, the tie rod is connected with the peripheral edge of the rubber plate, and the fastening bolt is adjusted. The rubber sheet is tensioned.


The oil circuit design of the solar photovoltaic module automation machine adopts the double-pipe curved design to ensure the contact area between the hot oil flow and the hot oil and the steel plate to the maximum extent, and the temperature difference between salt and water is small. The upper cover adopts a cylinder lifting method, and is designed with a manual switch cover mechanism, and the upper cover can be manually opened and closed after the power failure.