Application areas and functional characteristics of the EL tester

- Dec 04, 2018-

The EL tester makes a special instrument specially used for rapid detection of internal defects of solar cell modules, and clearly shows the splits in the formation according to the difference in the brightness of the cells in the solar cell module. Usually battery material defects, such as debris, cracks, broken gates, contamination; and welding process defects such as soldering, desoldering, etc. can be detected by the EL tester.


Because the EL tester uses a high-sensitivity infrared camera, it can detect the 瑕疵 cell in the module and help users understand the material defects and process defects of the solar cell and components. It can be applied to the pre-lamination and post-lamination processes of components to realize defect detection. It is an important and effective product process monitoring and testing equipment.


The EL tester consists of a set of specialized optical imaging systems and high-sensitivity camera modules, which provide users with product quality inspection during component preparation, so as to quickly identify product defects and prevent them from affecting the normal application of the product.