Automatic Bus-bar Line Up & Welding Machine design bus line should follow the principle

- Jan 24, 2019-

As a new industry, the new energy automobile industry is also an emerging industry. The convergence and layout machine is used to produce busbars in the power battery packs of new energy vehicles. So far, there are no exact industry standards and national standards. Carry out related design constraints, and more rely on the experience of the designer.


When the bus type integrated machine is used to produce the bus bar, the current capacity of the Shenzhen bus bar should be fully considered, and the appropriate material and size specifications should be selected according to the requirements of the current carrying capacity. Second, we must fully consider the processing technology of Shenzhen bus. The processing technology here is designed to be welded, formed, and the like. In general, the more complex the process, the higher the cost and the lower the qualification rate.


At the same time, we must also consider the weight of the busbars. Lightweight is the development trend of new energy vehicles, and of course, the design trend of Shenzhen busbars. The other is to fully consider the manufacturing cost of the bus. Cost control is also a design that must be considered by the designer. No matter how good the design is, it cannot be realized at the right cost. Obviously it is not a high-quality design.