Automatic cutting and proper maintenance of Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine

- Mar 26, 2019-

It is very important to automatically cut the correct use and maintenance of the Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine. Users are required to know the correct method of use in order to be effective, otherwise they cannot be used. It is recommended to automatically cut the EVA laying machine with a 500V power supply regulator.


Automatic cutting EVA laying machine should be lubricated in the spring groove at the left and right ends of the cutter before use, and the cutter should be lifted up and down several times by hand to make the cutting tool smooth. Secondly, the active parts and connecting rods need to be lubricated. When the EVA laying machine is placed automatically, the closer it is to the exit of the previous equipment, the better it will be cut.


When the automatic cutting EVA laying machine is matched with other units, care should be taken to ensure that the cutting machine is in balance with it. The other units should be raised by 10 cm to achieve balance. If the cutting blade of the automatic cutting EVA laying machine is blunt, be sure to take the Hechang knife, or cut it, master it, and the cutting machine can be used very well.