Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine and product advantages

- May 02, 2019-

The automatic cutting EVA laying machine is an innovation for the solar module enterprises from the manual cutting to the mechanical operation of the EVA material. The use of the equipment avoids the problems of low efficiency, unguaranteed quality and unsafe of manual operation.


The automatic cutting EVA laying machine is fully automatic on-line, with high automation, safe and reliable operation, and is basically unattended. Manual intervention is required only when loading the material. The equipment is driven by servo motor, gear rack and pinion, linear guide, which has the advantages of accurate positioning and stable operation.


The EVA material roll tension can be automatically adjusted according to the tension, ensuring the stable operation of the EVA stretch; the cutting is a whole cut type, ensuring that the cut is flat and flush; the cutting accuracy is ±2mm, and the EVT diagonal error after cutting ±1.5mm.


The automatic cutting EVA laying machine has an automatic correction function for EVA laying, and the EVA range is corrected within ±2mm. At the same time, the main part is equipped with a safety cover, dust cover, safety grating, and online real-time monitoring and remote control functions.


The automatic cutting EVA laying machine can not only save labor cost, improve production efficiency, high cutting quality and small error; and parameterize the cutting length, automatically cut the corresponding length according to the setting parameters; less pollution, reduce manual cutting It is a sweaty, dirty contact material; it eliminates static electricity and reduces distortion.