Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine equipment performance and technical requirements

- Mar 08, 2018-

Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine main features include: EVA rolls automatically feed, cut automatically punched and laid on the glass on the initial stage positioning. Usually automatically cut the appearance of EVA laying machine size specifications for the 3600mm * 1700mm * 1700mm.


In the production process, the automatic cutting EVA lay up machine used in feeding methods mainly for the gas up shaft wear material, lifting cylinder body lift shaft, and with infrared calibration. Then, the receiving method is through the pneumatic clip to complete the material. The hob is usually used to complete cutting. As for the punching method, it mainly relies on the guide cylinder + tool, cutting size range of 500 mm to 2000 mm.


For automatic cutting EVA lay up machine, which meet the requirements of the reel size mainly 76mm in diameter, diameter not exceeding 600m, the maximum load of 200 kg. Cutting accuracy is usually size error ± 2mm; diagonal size error ≤ 3mm. Punching size: "a" horizontal hole 0 --- 125mm. Punching position accuracy requirements for the deviation ± 1mm; Punching size deviation ± 0.5mm.


Under normal operating conditions, automatic cutting EVA paving machine can achieve the cutting width is usually not more than 1300mm effective width; different hole cutter installation size standardization, fast switching; production beats per minute 6-7, with open beats 5-6 pieces per minute Equipment power requirements for the exchange of 220V, 50HZ, and ensure a good grounding.


In addition, automatic cutting EVA laying machine pressure range is usually 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa; equipment total power 1.5KW, operating power 1KW. Automatic cutting EVA laying machine compressed air flow is 50L per minute.