Automatic Cutting EVA Lay Up machine Features

- May 15, 2018-

Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine, a simple understanding of it is to EVA this material is automatically cut and laying at the same time, so this machine equipment is called automatic cutting EVA laying machine. The following, from its functional characteristics and performance characteristics, to learn and understand, so that everyone has a preliminary understanding of this device.


Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine, which has the corresponding functional characteristics, its specific is:

(1) The whole machine adopts servo control to ensure good control effect. At the same time, it can smoothly operate and use automatic cutting EVA laying machine.

(2) After cutting the EVA material, it can be laid flat on the glass to avoid the undesirable phenomena such as folding and wrinkling. In addition, if it is equipped with anti-static function, it can also have anti-static effect, so as to avoid adverse effects of static electricity.

(3) Generally speaking, it is not more than 30 seconds on the production speed or equipment operation cycle of the automatic cutting EVA laying machine. And can be adjusted properly, so that you can well control the pace of production, to achieve the desired production results.


Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine, if it uses some devices in terms of performance characteristics, then it can be well used for the operation of the device, and get a good use of performance and use of results, so it may wish to briefly understand.


Automatic feeding device: The automatic feeding device is used in the automatic cutting EVA laying machine. Then, the automatic feeding operation can be completed to replace the artificial feeding, thereby improving the work and production efficiency. In addition, it can also lay the cut EVA on the glass surface in accordance with the predetermined track, in order to ensure the accuracy of laying, to avoid position deviation.

Cutting mechanism and laying mechanism: cutting mechanism, which is generally installed on the lateral slide of the support frame, and the support frame of the EVA laying machine is automatically cut on the end of the transmission mechanism. The laying mechanism is mainly composed of beams and claws. At both ends of the beam, the slider and the slide rails on both sides of the frame are used to connect with the transmission belt to ensure the normal cutting of the EVA laying machine. Run and work.