Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine performance and technical requirements and structural features

- May 31, 2018-

The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine belongs to an automatic production equipment in the photovoltaic field to a certain degree. In the process of dedication, it is especially an online EVA automatic laying and cutting machine. Automatic cutting EVA laying machine is a kind of high production efficiency, effective to reduce the labor intensity of workers, the quality of the entire product is good.

The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine can effectively cut the whole EVA or back plate according to the customer's requirements in the process of operation, and automatically cut and lay it on the components. In general, the automatic EVA laying machine is used for automatic feeding and feeding. Photoelectric correction control system automatic correction, all-digital circuit control.

Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine to a certain extent will be equipped with automatic tension wrinkle removal mechanism, so that it can ensure a certain degree of its EVA surface smooth, automatic cutting material using cylinder pressure, servo motor drive, ensure that the material level is not flush Skew. A dual-drive automatic gripping and paving mechanism is used to lay the entire piece of cut EVA on the glass.

The EVA laying machine is automatically cut to a transmission mechanism arranged on a rack. A lifting mechanism is arranged in the middle of the rack. The structural elements corresponding to the end of the transmission mechanism are provided with a supporting frame. A lateral slide is provided on the supporting frame, and the lateral slides. A cutting mechanism is arranged on the track, a paving mechanism is arranged on the machine frame corresponding to the cutting mechanism, the laying mechanism includes a cross beam, and a gas grip is arranged on the cross beam. Both ends of the cross beam are connected with the slide rails and the transmission belts on both sides of the rack through the slider. .

The laying mechanism of the automatic cutting EVA laying machine is controlled by a touch screen system. The required parameters can be set according to the different products during the operation. The actual equipment will be equipped with an auxiliary feeding mechanism, which can facilitate manual feeding. . The base of the rack is welded with iron and iron plates, and the overall mechanism is stable.

Automatic cutting EVA laying machine performance and technical requirements

1. Feeding method: gas rising shaft wears material, cylinder lifting mechanism lifts the material shaft, and is equipped with infrared proofreading.

2. Pick up and receive materials: pneumatic clips.

3. Cutting mode: cutting with a hob.

4. Punching method: guide rod cylinder + tool.

5. Cutting size: 500mm---2000mm.

6. Reel specifications: diameter 76mm, diameter ≤ 600m, maximum load 200 kg.

7.Cutting precision: The size error is ±2mm; the diagonal dimension error is ≤3mm.

8. Punching size: "one" horizontal hole 0-125mm.

9 punching position: deviation ± 1mm.

10. Punching size: deviation ± 0.5mm.

11 cutting width: effective width ≤ 1300mm.

12. Open hole tool: Different opening hole cutters are standardized in installation dimensions, and they can be switched quickly.

13. Production beat: 6-7 pieces/min, with opening beats 5-6 pieces/min.

14. Equipment power: AC 220V, 50HZ (required for reliable grounding).