Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine setup and application advantages

- Nov 27, 2018-

The Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine belongs to the automatic production equipment in the field of photovoltaics. This equipment not only has high production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also has good product quality. From the structural point of view, the Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine includes a conveying mechanism disposed on the frame, and a lifting mechanism is arranged in the middle of the frame, and the structural point corresponds to the end of the conveying mechanism being provided with a supporting frame, the supporting frame A lateral slide is provided, and a cutting mechanism is disposed on the horizontal slide.


The Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine frame is provided with a laying mechanism corresponding to the cutting mechanism; the laying mechanism comprises a beam, and the beam is provided with a gas claw, and the two ends of the beam are connected with the sliding rails and the conveyor belt on both sides of the frame through the sliding block. It is an innovation for solar module companies to use manual cutting to mechanical operation for EVA and TPT materials, avoiding the problems of low efficiency, unguaranteed quality and unsafe operation by manual operation.


Compared with the traditional equipment, the Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine can save labor cost, improve production efficiency, high cutting quality and small error; and its parameterized setting cutting length, automatically cut the corresponding length according to the setting parameters; The process pollution is small, and the manual cutting is a hand sweat and dirty contact material.