Automatic EVA Laying Machine Advantage

- Apr 12, 2018-

In a set of automatic EVA laying machine, corresponding EVA loading aids are also configured to facilitate the loading of workers. During the operation of the automatic EVA laying machine, the stretching speed of the EVA roll can be automatically adjusted according to the tension, ensuring stable operation of the EVA stretching. Under normal circumstances, the cutting error of the device does not exceed ±1.5mm.


As a user, we need to master the correct operation and maintenance techniques. In fact, if the automatic EVA laying machine is effectively maintained and used properly, it will ensure product quality, production capacity, maintenance, and operator safety while guaranteeing machine accuracy and service life. In addition to operating skills, you must also pay attention to the relevant safety precautions.


First, after installing the automatic EVA laying machine as required, it is necessary to check and confirm that the power voltage output meets the requirements before starting up. During the operation, the worker should not touch the internal circuit of the machine with the nameplate, such as the control panel and the electrical box.


Secondly, during the operation of the automatic EVA laying machine, field workers must operate strictly in accordance with requirements and must not touch the machine and other moving parts such as manipulators, cutters, etc. Do not place any part of the body where it may be caught by the body or cause harm;


Third, before turning on the automatic EVA laying machine, workers must remember the location of the emergency stop button in case they need it. Remember not to turn on the power while removing the door, cover, and shield. Also, be sure to turn off the protective measures such as doors, covers, and shields before the equipment is turned on. Similarly, it must not be turned on during operation. Do not use wet hands to operate any switch-type operation object. In the event of a power outage, the power switch must be turned off first.


In addition, during the daily work, the staff must not wipe, smear, or tear off the warning signs originally affixed to the automatic EVA laying machine. When the mark is unclear or destroyed, it shall be promptly notified to the equipment technician. Operators are not allowed to change the procedures and parameter settings of the automatic EVA laying machine, and prohibit untrained non-related personnel from operating the equipment.