Automatic glass loading machine features and selection principles

- Apr 10, 2018-

In the automatic glass loading machine, the main components include: the basic structure of a modern wheel loader such as a hydro-mechanical transmission part, a double-bridge drive part, a hydraulic steering, an articulated power steering, and an air-pushing oil-recharging brake. The automatic glass loader has a series of advantages in terms of overall performance, such as good dynamic performance, strong insertion force, large digging force, flexible maneuverability, light handling, and high operating efficiency.


Because the automatic glass loader has the advantages of high work efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and easy operation, it is very popular among users in the market. According to the difference of the walking device, the loader can be mainly divided into two types: tire type and crawler type. In comparison, the former is mainly composed of a power plant, a frame, a traveling device, a transmission system, a steering system, a brake system, a hydraulic system, and a working device, and its structure is relatively simple.


Another so-called crawler-type automatic glass loading machine is also very wide in practical applications. According to the engine power can be divided into small (power less than 74 kilowatts), medium-sized (power between 74 to 147 kilowatts), large (power in the 147 to 515 kilowatts) and extra large (more than 515 kilowatts) loader 4 kinds.


Analysis of the selection principle of automatic glass loading machine:


The first is about the choice of automatic glass loader models. As a user, we need to make choices and determinations based on the occasion and purpose of the job;

Followed by the choice of power, mainly based on the actual work requirements to determine the power suitable equipment;

The third is about the choice of transmission type, usually the choice of hydraulic-mechanical transmission. One of the key components is the choice of torque converter.


In addition, in the process of selecting the automatic glass loader, we also need to fully consider the loader's braking performance, including three in the braking, parking brake and emergency braking. At present, the brakes used in automatic glass loaders are mainly hoofed, caliper, and wet multi-piece.