Automatic glass up loading machine digital control system

- Mar 25, 2019-

The Automatic glass up loading machine can realize that the gripping mechanism automatically grabs the septum and places it in the recycling box, then returns the glass placed on the tray to the conveying line, and the gripping mechanism returns to the top of the glass to end a cycle, in the process In-line intelligent automatic feeding of glass, single-chip transfer speed of 220 pieces / hour, servo motor drive, accurate and stable operation, fully automatic control, convenient feeding, no manual intervention, simple and firm overall structure, high stability .


For the automatic glass machine, the current mainstream digital control system in the industry is characterized by the ability to program various expected operations, the advantages of construction and performance, and the advantages of both the man and the glass. .


The biggest advantage of the automatic glass machine can be repeated in the same action in the machine, under normal circumstances will never feel tired. The automatic glassing machine is mainly composed of three parts: the actuator, the driving mechanism and the control system. According to the shape, size, weight, material and operation requirements of the object to be grasped, there are various structural forms, such as clamping type and holding type. And adsorption type, etc.


The control system of the automatic glass machine can be based on the requirements of the action; the information capacity of the punched card is limited, followed by the cam drum. Centralized storage is to store information of various control factors in a storage device, operation time, reusable, magnetic drum, and the like. This method is used in the order, but if an error occurs, it must be replaced and the speed of movement.