Automatic glass up loading machine performance and working principle and mechanical configuration

- May 29, 2018-

The automatic glass up loading machine is, to a certain extent, a very practical fully automatic and economical machine for glass cutting, slicing, and air floatation. It can be freely moved in the production room during operation, and during operation A 360-degree rotation can be implemented, completely solving the problem of glass stacking.

The automatic glass up loading machine can easily take a piece of film automatically by operating the button of the film-picking button. When it is in use, it can be controlled flexibly. It replaces the manual-moving film to a certain extent, improves the efficiency, is safe and reliable, and solves the problem of difficult employment and safety of the staff. Problems such as sex. At the same time, the device is also a movable air floatation platform, which is more flexible and convenient to use than ordinary air floatation platforms. It has four ejectors and can be easily controlled by a dedicated switch control. While improving work efficiency, it also increases work flexibility and reduces the number of people used. Cutting, slicing, and cutting require only one person to complete, saving cost.

Under normal circumstances, its air floatation table can make glass movement easier, to a certain extent, it also protects the glass from being scratched, and the slicing system of the automatic glass machine can be adapted to any size cutting saggers of the glass. In operation, one of the devices has multiple functions at the same time, and has been widely used in deep processing of glass during operations.

Under normal circumstances, its tempered glass, architectural glass, original glass, coated glass and other hand-cutting processing and mirror manufacturing and other industries, the whole machine has a film-taking walking mechanism, sucker mechanical flipping lifting mechanism, vacuum system, electrical control system, sequins Six major systems, customers can choose according to their own requirements order.

Automatic glass up loading machine performance and working principle

When the automatic glass machine is in use, it is mainly used for automatic glass fetching. When it is operated, it will effectively place its glass in a designated position. After giving a slice signal, the suction cup will automatically flip and the glass will be After adsorption, it is placed on the transfer table of the pick-up table, and the glass is automatically conveyed to the host of the cutting machine. Automatically on the glass machine on the machine to take the number of glass can be automatically controlled, that is, cutting the amount of input before cutting the glass, after the completion of the manual manual operation of the film machine can continue to take the film to avoid human factors due to mistakenly cut glass.

 Automatic mechanical configuration of glass machine

1. Flip sprocket chain: special high-precision reinforced shape.

2. Transfer roller: imported PU material.

3. Vacuum suction cup: imported Dingjiao material (double adsorption structure).

Automatically on the glass machine electrical originals

PLC controllers, frequency converters, photoelectric switches, other electrical components, control electronics, contactors, master vacuum solenoid valves, and pneumatic components.