Automatic mould placing machine is powerful and widely used

- Nov 29, 2018-

The automatic mould placing machine effectively reduces the skilled requirements of the workers, and the manual machine can operate the machine without any training, and efficiently produce qualified products. The Automatic mould placing machine has the functions of intelligent point and line drawing, and each product made is standard; it greatly improves the product quality.


The automatic placement template machine has various functions and is widely used, and can be applied to the processing using a template, and can also be applied to flat seams and quilted cotton without a template, and can be applied to the processing of leather materials and simple pattern patterns; In production, you don't need manual operation, you can free up your hand to place the template. After the last template is finished, put the next template on it, and recycling production will not waste time.


The automatic mould placing machine programming graphics is simple and convenient. It can be directly programmed by manually reading the graphics. It can also directly use the DXF and PLT graphics generated by the garment CAD software through the upper software. The recognized format is .DXF \.PLT \.DST \. The AI is converted into a runnable program using the upper software. With the intelligent disconnection detection function, the machine can be suspended immediately after the disconnection, and the unfinished production is carried out after the line is confirmed.