Automatic mould placing machine production efficiency and product quality

- Dec 25, 2018-

The automatic placement of the template machine can effectively improve its production efficiency to a certain extent. One-button operation, the operator can automatically run the machine by pressing the start button, the worker can prepare other templates, and by adding the automatic template recognition system, multiple different templates of the same color can be processed at the same time. The point pen is prepared for the next production process, so that the efficiency is maximized.

The automatic placement of the template machine greatly improves the quality of the product to a certain extent. Due to the use of programmed processing, it is possible to ensure that all product pitches and sewing directions are consistent with the standard, and that special requirements can be easily realized, such as for clothing. Encryption sewing at the corner, or double-blank sewing on some parts, just add it in one step when programming, and it is more convenient for products with special process requirements.

The automatic placement template machine can perfectly sew various sewing stitches such as straight lines, right angles, circles and arcs in the garment process by means of its precise automatic control unit, and the same template file can be continuously and repeatedly sewed the same one. Clothing craft. Therefore, the automatic template machine can quickly improve the sewing quality, improve the quality grade of the clothing products and the image of the clothing enterprise in the customer's mind.