Automatic online EVA cutting laying machine operation requirements and tool setting system

- Jul 19, 2018-

The automatic online EVA cutting laying machine's positive and negative cutting function can effectively combine its countertop detection function to realize its intelligent positive and negative graphic cutting function. The online EVA cutting and laying machine can quickly and easily automatically set the cutting system. The main purpose is to use a fiber laser sensor to accurately check the tool, which can improve the efficiency of the tool.

In order to enable the equipment to be effectively maintained and used reasonably, the automatic online EVA cutting laying machine can ensure the accuracy of the machine and the service life of the application, ensuring product quality, capacity and maintenance, and operator safety.

The online EVA cutting and laying opportunity effectively operates the equipment according to its regulations, performs routine maintenance and material replacement, supervises the technician to repair and maintain the equipment, and improves the hidden dangers of the equipment. It is effective to check the surrounding floor cleaning during use, and there is no debris related to production. Check whether the power is turned on. Normally, the touch screen should be lit with your finger. If the device is abnormal, notify the device personnel.