Automatic robot template machine function description

- Nov 01, 2018-

The automatic robot template machine improves production efficiency and product quality, and reduces the technical requirements for operators. The use of this more automated computer-controlled machine to replace the original manual operation of the machine, reducing the dependence on high-skilled personnel, ensuring quality, while solving the shortage of industrial workers and skills defects, fully automated Complete the production operation and promote the streamlined process of the template process.


The main function of the automatic robot template machine is to place the welding template on the glass that has been laid with EVA. The frame of the machine adopts high-strength aluminum profile structure, which has good rigidity and is not easy to be deformed. Moreover, in use, the gripping mechanism uses the SMC suction cup to ensure that it can adapt to different specifications of the template without damaging the template.


In the process of automatic robot template machine operation, fully automatic control and operation are realized, which reduces labor costs. The translation mechanism uses a servo electric cylinder for precise control. The lifting mechanism adopts the cylinder lifting to ensure stable operation and no jitter.