Automatic trimming edge machine advantages and performance and use of matters needing attention

- Apr 17, 2018-

For users, automatic trimming edge machine has many advantages. First of all, the use of automatic trimming machine can complete coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. Usually we use this equipment to grind and treat the inclined surface of various metal strips of different sizes and thicknesses, straight edges, equipped with grinding wheels and spare grinding wheels. The grinding wheel has the advantages of long life, regularity, high efficiency and the like.


1. What are the advantages of automatic trimming edge machine performance?


In fact, with the improvement of the technological level, we are currently adopting advanced foreign technologies in the production and design of automatic edge trimmers. Therefore, its structure is designed as an advanced bottom-mounted plastic box. This structure uses plastic shaft with glue and uniform coating. It can be used for double-sided coating and manual feeding. Can be on the side of the plate curve, straight edge.


In practical applications, the automatic trimming edge machine can be used in different work situations, the price is economical, and the application is very extensive. The device is actually a device that is specially designed to replace the manual trimming and deburring of rubber, plastics, and magnesium-aluminum products. The main main parts and components of the whole machine are imported products with reliable quality. For the operator, the device is simple and safe to operate, and ordinary workers can normally operate after half an hour of training. Due to the compact design of the structure, the utility model has the advantages of small occupied space, obvious economic benefit and high trimming precision, and can remove tiny and hidden flashes, which is not limited by the product shape, and has high qualified rate and stable trimming quality.


2, automatic trimming edge machine use precautions:


Combined with the actual application situation, the automatic trimming machine can save a lot of time, manpower and other costs, but also need to pay attention when using:

First, check whether the various parts are normal before starting the automatic edge trimmer, and strengthen daily maintenance and maintenance;

Secondly, in the process of using an automatic trimming machine, the operation should be performed in accordance with the requirements, and the uniform movement along the workpieces should not be too fast. It should be operated according to the previous edge to avoid damage to the object.

Third, after the production task is completed, the automatic trimming machine should be shut down in time and the total power supply should be cut off to clean the work site.