Basic structure and technical parameters of TPT cutting lay up device

- Jun 25, 2018-

TPT cutting device is a kind of processing equipment used for solar module accessories. It is used to complete the cutting and punching of materials, which can reduce personnel intervention, save raw materials and improve cutting efficiency and standards. So, what are the specialties of the TPT cutting lay up device in terms of structure and technical parameters?


The TPT cutting device processed by the solar battery panel is mainly composed of a main frame, a control device, a discharging device, an automatic material receiving device, a conveying device, a punching device, and a fixed-length cutting device. The discharging device and the automatic feeding device are respectively located at the feeding end and the discharging end of the TPT cutting device; and other devices are sequentially disposed in the middle of the main frame.


Through the feeding device on the TPT cutting lay up device and the continuous, smooth and smooth feeding of the conveying device, after the material of the control device is determined for a long time, the punching device and the cutting device complete the cutting and punching, and the material is truly realized. The automation of feeding, punching, cutting, and picking has greatly increased production efficiency, reduced the waste of manpower and material resources, reduced the chance of pollution, and met the requirements for high efficiency, high precision, and high quality of solar panel production.


TPT cutting lay up device cut off the punching substrate is a composite film TPT; equipment can be equipped with static elimination system up and down; cutting the maximum width is 1200mm, length 100-2300mm, cutting precision ± 1mm; opening size accuracy ± 1mm; opening Width 0-150mm; length 60-150 adjustable.


TPT cutting lay up device adopts cylinder jacking automatic feeding, cutting does not affect the cutting work; cutting tool life is one week, open tool mold installation form, easy to replace beautiful; other equipment also uses PLC control, convenient connection communication, outside the line Use, man-machine communication interface, real-time statistics production function.


Such a fully functional TPT cutting lay up device not only has a small cutting error, but also can directly save materials and save costs; and the probability of contamination is also small, which can reduce the chances of hand sweat, dirt, and other miscellaneous objects being touched during manual cutting. In addition, static electricity can be eliminated to avoid the influence of static electricity on the material; automatic punching can be performed according to the customer's needs.