Battery string arrangement machine Features and Advantages of Stereo Conveyor

- May 21, 2018-

The battery string arrangement machine is a kind of machine equipment for arranging the battery string, so it is very good to answer the question of what is a battery string typesetting machine. The next step is to understand the functional features of the machine and the specific devices available, so as to get a preliminary understanding and understanding of the battery stringer.


The features of the battery string arrangement machines are summarized as follows:

(1) The permutation work can be targeted by the setting of the string condition, and not all conditions can be performed. Moreover, the spacing of the battery strings can be set and adjusted so that there is a proper spacing to ensure the arrangement effect.

(2) In terms of the number of components, it may be a four-string component, a six-string component, or an eight-string component, which may be determined by actual conditions and usage requirements. In addition, the positioning mode can be either mechanical positioning or laser positioning to see specific needs.

Therefore, as can be seen from the above description, the battery string typesetting machine still has some advantages and advantages, and can be automated to increase production and work efficiency. Therefore, in certain fields and industries, it is still worthwhile. Necessary to use.


The battery string arrangement machine, which can use a three-dimensional conveying device, and using this conveying device, can bring some advantages, so it may be a simple explanation and understanding.


The three-dimensional conveying device used in the battery string arrangement machine is mainly composed of a vertical conveying line, a working platform, and an automatic typesetting machine. The working table is arranged on any one of the longitudinal conveying lines. On the rack, and the typesetting machine is corresponding to the worktable, and is connected with the transport rack. In addition, it also has some attachments or components, such as bearing seats, belts and transmission rods.

The use of this transport device will not adversely affect the normal transportation of the battery string, and it can solve the problem of setting multiple work stations on a unified conveyor line, as well as facilitating the convergence and conversion between multiple stations. In addition, it has the advantages of small occupied space, high conveying speed, and high work efficiency to help the battery stringer to complete the work smoothly, and has good use performance and use effect.