Battery String Arrangement Machine Functions and Features

- Apr 16, 2018-

The battery stringer is an independent automation device in the automatic production line of battery modules. The battery string arrangement machine equipment adopts various advanced automation technologies such as PLC, servo, machine vision, etc., and can be connected with a fully automatic string welding machine and an automatic assembly line to complete the automatic laying of battery strings on the glass EVA, and will be automatically laid. Components are delivered to the assembly line.


According to production requirements, the production capacity of the battery stringer is usually designed to be approximately 360 strings per hour. In actual production, the module grows in and out, and can be docked with one or two automatic string welders. The battery string is inserted parallel to the long side of the module. It can be used for 96, 72, 60, and other components. Automatic laying.


The main features of the Battery string arrangement machine:

The equipment adopts a gantry structure as a whole.

In production, the device is typeset with the typesetting machine in 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 modes;

It can also be docked with different fully automatic stringers and automatic lines;

Battery string typesetting machine adopts servo drive, belt and screw transmission, accurate positioning, meet the layout accuracy. The device can automatically receive, automatically typeset, automatically export components, layout accuracy.


Battery string arrangement machine advantages introduced:

First of all, the device uses a full-servo closed-loop control, so the battery stringer can maintain a stable working state during the production process. And it uses servo horizontal positioning, digital positioning; just set the positioning distance in the host computer, you can set each string horizontal positioning distance, high servo positioning efficiency; closed-loop control. The rotating part adopts electric control and cooperates with the robot joint reducer (backlash is less than 1arc.min); the degree of rotation can be arbitrarily set (upper machine setting); and a series of rotation angles can be set independently.


In addition, the performance of the battery stringer is advanced, the system design is open, and nearly 30% of hardware excuse is reserved to facilitate the docking control of equipment and auxiliary facilities. At the same time, it also has a comprehensive fault code display function, which greatly shortens the time for maintenance, inspection, and overhaul of battery string printers, and accurately analyzes the device operating status based on the code.