Battery string arrangement machine main features and working principle

- Dec 19, 2017-

Battery string arrangement machine mainly uses three-dimensional conveyor device, which effectively includes the vertical conveyor line, the working platform and automatic typesetting machine, the equipment working platform is located in the vertical conveyor line in any one conveyor rack, Battery string arrangement machine and Corresponding to the working platform settings, and conveyor rack connection.

The equipment adopts the embedded embedded working platform in the longitudinal conveying line. Through the lifting device, the synchronous belt of the upper platform can obtain two operating positions higher or lower than the transmission rod of the rolling wheel of the longitudinal conveying line to a certain extent, and both Does not affect the vertical conveyor line of the normal transmission of glass to solve the same vertical conveyor line to set up a number of workstations difficult to facilitate the transfer of multi-station and conversion, with a small footprint, transport speed, production The advantages of high efficiency.

Battery string arrangement machine in the light irradiation will produce direct current, in use will be connected through the wire of the solar cell will be sealed into a physical unit known as the solar cell module, with a certain degree of corrosion, wind, hail, rain , Is widely used in solar lighting, lighting, user-powered, road transport, construction and photovoltaic power plants and other fields.

Battery string arrangement machine main features

1. Battery string arrangement machine is automatic stringing machine of the follow-up equipment, when used can correspond to two high-speed automatic stringing machine.

2. Battery string layout machine dimensions: 2500mm * 4000mm * 1400mm, using 4 servo motors, 2 stepper motor, 6 speed motor speed control, the speed can be automatically adjusted according to the actual production needs.

3. Battery string typesetting machine typesetting speed: 64s / components, layout accuracy: ± 0.2mm, optical positioning, automatic correction.

Battery string arrangement machine works

Battery string arrangement machine in the process of using effective for its different length of the string from the assembly line over the time, it will be effective to move its battery string quickly and accurately to the designated place, usually six battery string Full, that is, into the next cycle. Due to the pipeline over the product, each position and angle will be error, so every time the need for servo motor angle and position correction.