Characteristics and Application of Solar Panel Module EL Tester

- May 07, 2018-

The performance of the solar panel module EL tester is actually designed using the principle of electroluminescence of crystalline silicon. It mainly uses high-resolution infrared cameras to capture the near-infrared images of components and obtain and determine the defects of the components. The solar panel module EL tester has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast detection speed, and intuitive image. It is a key equipment for improving the quality of photovoltaic modules.


This is because in the production process, we can use this equipment to comprehensively grasp the quality issues related to the product. In this way, not only can better control the quality of the product, but also provide basis for improving the production process, further improve product quality, reduce losses as much as possible. Since the solar panel module EL tester uses a wide range of working input voltage from 100VAC to 240VAC, the working state stability is guaranteed.


In the process of operating the solar panel module EL tester, the switching and adjustment of the output voltage, current, and other functional operations of the solar panel module can be controlled through manual and control software interfaces, and the output accuracy is in the order of thousand. And its maximum load output power up to 760 watts, and comes with overload protection, to avoid the misuse of the battery damage.


Solar panel module EL tester features:

The property contains a key component in the device, namely an infrared camera, which uses a quality infrared camera to ensure the overall quality of the device. Secondly, a fully-enclosed optical design is adopted. The closed optical design ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment and better adapts to different environments. At the same time, it also configures a powerful special test software: full Chinese display interface, can automatically scan the graphic code number manually and save the file according to the code. Can enlarge the scanned image display details for easy judgment.


The application of solar panel module EL tester:

At present, the solar panel module EL tester is mainly used for the detection of solar cells (solar wafers) and solar modules in the field of solar energy. The solar panel module EL tester can detect internal defects of solar cells (silicon wafers) and components, such as tests for cracks, black centers, black edges and broken gates.