Composition and description of each part of the curing lines

- Jul 16, 2019-

The curing line uses the current thermal effect, energy resonance, special light radiation, etc. to transfer energy to the object through heat conduction, convection, radiation, etc., thereby heating and baking the furnace to complete the mechanical equipment for drying the product. It has the characteristics of fast heating, simple operation, uniform heating of products and sustainable baking of products. It can be produced with the assembly line of the workshop. The baking temperature, conveying speed and time can be adjusted according to the production needs, which greatly improves the production efficiency.


The curing line is mainly composed of: conveying system, hot air drying system, automatic heating temperature control system, circulating air system, electrical control system and the like. The automatic control mode of the relay/power regulator is adopted, and all the process steps are automatically completed by the manual process except for manually loading and unloading the workpiece. Manually, the workpiece to be dried is placed in the leveling zone of the conveyor belt. The conveying system automatically sends the parts to each process segment in sequence, and the workpiece is dried and cooled to reach the blanking station, and the drying process is completed. .


The curing line conveying system is composed of a transmission, a conveyor belt, a main transmission shaft, a driven shaft, and the like; the hot air drying and automatic temperature control heating system is composed of a fan, a heating tube, a temperature sensor, and a temperature controller. The circulating air flow uniformly blows the hot air from the heater to the conveyed workpiece, ensures the uniformity of the hot air in the drying box, avoids the uneven heating of the surface of the object, and accelerates the dry drying of the workpiece.


The curing line electrical control system is automatically controlled by relay or power regulator, and the electrical components used in the equipment are all in accordance with national standard accessories. An emergency stop button can be set at the inlet and outlet ends to prevent accidents, fail to stop in time, and improve the safety performance of the equipment. The electric control cabinet is equipped with two-color lights to show that the equipment is in normal operation and faulty.