Composition, characteristics and parameters of TPT cutting lay up device

- Apr 16, 2019-

TPT cutting lay up device is a special processing equipment for solar modules of automatic TTP/EVA film. It consists of unwinding mechanism, servo constant tension feeding mechanism, servo fixed length cutting system, receiving system, touch screen microcomputer control system. Composition, which plays an important role in practical applications.


Because the TPT cutting device adopts PLC+ touch screen control, it has high reliability; it has heavy cross-cutting, wide adaptability and maintenance-free; plus it has servo fixed length cutting system, high speed and high precision; and unique Automatic feeding mechanism to improve the working efficiency of the TPT cutting device.


The technical parameters of the TPT cutting device are as follows: variable frequency speed regulation; servo motor control system; computer fixed length range: 0~9999mm, fixed length error less than 0.15%; unwinding adopts constant tension automatic control system; Parking function.


The TPT cutting device adopts high-quality steel plate and channel steel structure; the power supply voltage is three-phase five-wire 380V; the cutter head adopts the structure of heavy-duty knife and has automatic feeding mechanism, which are the basic conditions for the efficient operation of the TPT cutting device.