Data recording server and video surveillance for solar PV module automated manufacturing line

- Oct 11, 2018-

The solar PV module automated manufacturing line can effectively realize the real-time update feedback production data to a certain extent, thus facilitating production management control, which can be combined by server redundancy and controller redundancy, so that it can be effectively guaranteed to a certain extent. The entire system runs stably for a long time.

Data recording server for solar photovoltaic module automation production line

The data recording server can record the important data of the system to a certain extent and can provide the query interface. It is also the interface with other systems of the superior. The important data in the entire monitoring system is recorded in this database, which can be used for monitoring, curve, report, etc. Display and printing, high reliability of system data.

Video surveillance of solar PV module automated manufacturing line

The solar PV module automation production line can be monitored to a certain extent through its video monitoring, and the operation center can effectively observe the operation status of the key equipment of the production line in real time and understand the hand information of the equipment operation. Once the equipment is abnormal, the observation of the video image of the key parts can accurately and accurately locate the cause of the abnormality, quickly eliminate, improve the response speed of the three workers to the abnormal situation of the user equipment, and save the customer downtime.