Design of various components of automatic EVA All-in-one machine

- Feb 04, 2019-

The automatic EVA All-in-one machine is the first model launched in China, which helps to improve the production efficiency and space saving of the components. Complete the pneumatic feeding of materials - correcting and unwinding traction - fixed length traction - glass gauge - EVA laying - The main function of the automatic laying of the template.


The automatic EVA All-in-one machine adopts ultrasonic correction mechanism, which adopts pneumatic feeding, can meet the material clamping of diameter 400mm, and can adjust the correcting position to limit stop. The cross-cutting part of the cutter is positioned by a guide column type, and the cutter seat and the cutting position can be adjusted, and all of them are polished alumina rolls.


The control part of the ultrasonic correction mechanism is controlled by the brand inverter. The traction roller and the floating roller adopt the cylinder pressure damping mode. The machine can be rewritten into the program, and the parameters of the operation interface can be visually adjusted. In addition, it has the laying rules and the template laying part, which is responsible for establishing communication between the glass feeding and cutting machine, realizing the front and rear left and right pneumatic limit of the glass, the position is adjustable; the function of automatically detecting the material.