Detection method and efficiency of PV module automation machine

- Jan 08, 2019-

The PV module automation machine can automatically sort the electrical properties, geometric dimensions and appearance defects of the solar wafer. The silicon wafer production enterprise applies this system instead of the previous manual detection method, which greatly improves the detection efficiency and fully satisfies the use of silicon wafers. The quality requirements of the manufacturers, while reducing the overall quality control costs of the company and downstream enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of customers in the industry.

The system of the PV module automation machine adopts the non-contact measurement method. By setting five stations in the pipeline, the parameters of the silicon wafer are detected. Among them, resistivity, thickness, TTV, P/N models, using eddy current method and capacitance method to achieve non-contact automatic detection, contour size using machine vision technology

The PV module automation machine has its own connection line before leaving the factory, and the two adjacent units can be directly connected during installation. In the positive pole of the panel, a diode is connected in parallel, followed by a larger capacitor, and a voltage regulator block, which is generally 5v.