Development requirements and technical advantages of automatic placing mould device

- Jan 15, 2019-

When the automatic placement of the template machine is in use, the new variety of the industry, to a certain extent, with its unique technical advantages, has rapidly developed into a dark horse in its market. At the major sewing equipment exhibitions, companies have launched The latest model machine has earned the attention of our customers. Not only that, the automatic formwork machine has gradually entered the large and small garment factories, and the automatic formwork sewing workshop has become a new landscape in the garment factory.

Development status of automatic placing mould device

At present, the industry has seen the development trend of automatic formwork machines in the future, so everyone has invested in a lot of automatic template machine brands, showing a situation of blooming flowers and contending.

At present, the automatic placement of the template machine on the market is fully mature in technology, and has been completely shaped in structure and function. In terms of technical issues, including stability during the sewing process, anti-leakage, adaptability of thin and thick materials, stability of the electronic control unit, and improvement of the maximum speed, all companies are constantly improving and upgrading.

The automatic placement of the template machine as a new type of sewing equipment independently developed by the domestic industry for the first time can not be copied according to the mature products of some foreign brands as usual, so it is inevitable to undergo a process of continuous improvement and continuous improvement.