EL tester features and technical parameters and its use

- May 22, 2018-

What is an EL tester? What is the relationship between it and solar modules? Since these two issues have been proposed, they must be answered. However, it can be known that the EL tester can be used to detect the presence or absence of defects in the battery module assembly, which is one of its uses. As for what is the EL tester, below, specific answers will be given.


What is an EL tester? This question, if answered from a professional perspective, the answer is:

The EL tester, which is one of the detectors, is mainly used to detect whether there is a defect inside the solar cell module, whether there is crack, fragmentation, fragmentation, imaginary welding, or black heart due to damage or damage. The black border is broken, or the conversion rate is abnormal due to component defects. Therefore, it is one of the detection devices that must be used in the detection of the solar cell module, which can improve the utilization of the module.


1. How to use the EL tester

The EL tester, which has some instructions for use, is:


Imaging component: infrared camera;

Test software: It is mainly used to control the operation of the equipment and transfer the camera shots;

Equipment function: Inspect the inside of solar cells and components, whether there is any problem such as cracking or leakage.

Portable: The EL tester is portable and can be used for outdoor testing and is easy to carry and use.


2.EL tester features and technical parameters


The features of the EL tester are:

(1) In this type of detector, automatic photo pick-up and optical system photo-taking tests are used, and the retake mode is supported in order to obtain a good picture effect, and in the picture processing, there is an image enlargement function.

(2) The bar code can be entered manually or automatically, and the bar code number can be displayed in the picture.

(3) The formed image can be adjusted by software on the pixel to meet different usage requirements, and the correct judgment can be made according to the picture.


The technical parameters of the EL tester include the model specifications, effective test area, resolution, test time, test mode, and power supply parameters. These six are important parameters. Therefore, they cannot be treated with sloppy measures to avoid parameter values. Inappropriate to affect the normal use and use of the EL tester.