EL tester is highly sensitive and fast

- Jan 03, 2019-

The EL tester has high sensitivity, fast detection speed, and a certain degree of intuitive image, which is a key device for improving the quality of photovoltaic modules. Infrared detection can fully grasp the internal problems of solar cells and improve the production process. Provide the basis for improving product quality, and timely repair the problem components to minimize losses.

The EL tester ensures the stability of the working state during operation. The switching and adjustment of the output voltage, current and other functions can be controlled by the manual and control software interface. The output accuracy is in the order of thousands, and the output power is on-load. It can be up to 760 watts and comes with overload protection to avoid damage to the battery by misoperation.

The EL tester mainly uses its fully enclosed optical system and constant temperature cooling system to effectively maintain the test environment in a dark room and a constant temperature environment, thus effectively ensuring the operation and stability of the entire system and avoiding the external environment. Stray light and temperature unevenness cause test imaging noise, ensuring the intuitiveness and accuracy of the test.