EL Tester use advantage

- Dec 26, 2017-

EL Tester its key component of imports is the effective use of its imported infrared camera, so you can effectively to some extent to ensure the overall quality of the equipment, EL detector with a fully enclosed optical design, closed optical design Ensure long-term stability of equipment shipped, better adapt to different use of the environment.

EL Tester use advantage

EL tester has a powerful and dedicated test software, the entire device is a full Chinese display interface, automatic manual scanning of the graphic code number and coding for the preservation of the document. Scanned images can enlarge the display details, easy to judge.

Introduction to EL Tester

1.EL tester can make effective use of its crystal silicon electroluminescence principle, using its high-resolution infrared camera for shooting near-infrared images of components, so you can get and determine the component defects.

2. EL tester in use with high sensitivity, the use of its detection speed, the result of visual image and other advantages, is to enhance the quality of PV modules, key equipment; infrared detection can fully grasp the internal solar cell problems, to improve production Process to provide the basis for improving product quality, the components can be repaired in a timely manner, as much as possible to reduce losses.

3. EL tester imported programmable power supply, when used can be used from a wide range of 100VAC to 240VAC input voltage, which can be a certain degree of effective protection of the stability of the state of work, the output voltage, current and other The switching and adjustment of each function operation can be controlled by the manual and control software interface, and the output precision reaches the thousandth digit.

4. EL detector effective use of its fully enclosed optical system and thermostatic cooling system, this will make the test environment effectively remain in the dark room and the constant temperature environment, thus ensuring the stability of the entire system effectively avoid Due to external stray light and uneven temperature caused by imaging noise test, to ensure the test's intuitive and accuracy.