EL testing machine function and its advantages

- Jul 13, 2019-

In order to save and optimize the production efficiency of components and improve the yield rate, the battery string welding process is particularly important in the component manufacturing process. We propose to find the problem at the source, find defects as soon as possible and carry out rework and rectification, effectively carry out test management and eliminate the cause. Incoming defects or poor soldering of the cell flow into the lamination process, reducing the amount of repair before lamination, reducing the quality loss and working time.


The EL testing machine utilizes superior judgment accuracy and high-speed detection speed. According to the user's production process and quality management requirements, the online test module can be seamlessly connected with the production line to meet the online test speed and classification rules of production; offline sorting The machine is composed of a loading robot, a test module, and a sorting robot to meet the special sorting requirements of the customer.


The online or offline sorting machine of the EL detector can be equipped with an AOI test module for test sorting of the color and appearance of the battery. Unattended, fast and accurate automatic defect identification function; embedded "PFM production recipe management" software module parameter setting; online automatic identification and sorting of battery production line; high reliability automation design and work cycle; production quality data statistics