Energy conversion and design requirements for PV module automation machine

- Feb 19, 2019-

When the PV module automation machine is used, its main function is to convert solar energy into electric energy, so that it can be efficiently sent to the storage battery or push the load to work. However, with the use of micro-inverters, the current source of the photovoltaic module can be directly converted into a voltage source of about 40V, which can drive the application of electrical appliances in our lives.

Photovoltaic component automation machines are constantly innovating, and in the course of operation, there are upgraded and innovative products of photovoltaic modules, such as photovoltaic ceramic tiles, photovoltaic color steel tiles, such products can directly replace traditional building materials tiles, as well as the functions of photovoltaic modules. Once entering the general market, it will have certain impact on photovoltaic modules and traditional building materials. The automated production line for photovoltaic modules is the assembly line for the automated production of solar photovoltaic modules.

The PV module automation machine can be designed according to the user's production requirements. Each production line is laid by the transmission line before lamination; the laminated transmission line; the group frame angle production automatic line, the cleaning and junction box installation automatic line; the cleaning processing transmission line Automatic test transmission line; automatic temperature control test transmission line; automatic classification transmission line after test.