Equipment for solar panel automatic production line and production process thereof

- Nov 20, 2018-

The solar panel automatic production line includes conveyor, automatic stringer, component typesetting machine, loading machine, EL detector (including front and final inspection), IV detector, turning machine, automatic glue machine, automatic repair Side machine, automatic frame machine, stack machine, curing line, sorting palletizer and related PV module testing experiments. The whole unit is advanced and highly automated, and it is located in the advanced level in the industry. At the same time, the layout of the assembly line is scientific, reasonable, beautiful, cost-effective, and easy to operate and maintain.


When the solar cell automatic production line is working, due to the randomness of the production conditions of the battery, the performance of the produced battery is not the same, so in order to effectively combine the batteries with the same performance or similar, it should be based on the performance parameters. sort. It is mainly classified by battery test to improve the utilization of the battery and make a qualified battery component.


Then use a welding machine to spot weld the strip on the main grid line in multiple points, and 36 pieces of batteries are connected in series to form a component string; after the back side is connected and tested, the solar panel automatic production line will be The component string, glass and cut EVA, fiberglass, and backsheet are laid at a certain level and ready for lamination.


The laid battery will be extracted from the air conditioner in the automatic production line of the solar panel by vacuuming, and then the EVA is melted to bond the battery, the glass and the back sheet together; finally, the assembly is cooled and taken out; Then there are trimming, framing, welding, testing and other processes.