EVA lay up machine temperature setting and operating status

- Jun 17, 2019-

The EVA lay up machine has an enlarged mold base design. Each station can simultaneously produce four pairs of soles to increase the production volume. The direct pressure type hydraulic clamping design can automatically compensate the thickness error of the two molds. The injection hydraulic system adopts proportional flow, pressure control valve, and the control injection pressure and speed can be set according to the state of the finished product.


The EVA laying machine can reach the set temperature quickly and steadily during the work process, which ensures the quality of the finished product. The self-diagnosis and maintenance function is used to operate the monitoring system to ensure that the machine is in operation.


The EVA laying machine adopts servo control, and the EVA is automatically cut onto the glass according to the required size. The parameters are manually set, the hardware does not need to be adjusted, and the EVA and glass laying error width direction is ±2 mm, and the length direction is ±3 mm.


The EVA is laid flat on the glass, and there is no undesirable phenomenon such as folding wrinkles, with the function of removing EVA static electricity.


With flattening, adjustment using micrometer, equipment running beat: ≤ 30 seconds.