Flexibility and safety of the automatic Glass Loading Machine

- Jan 29, 2019-

The automatic glassing machine can realize that the gripping mechanism automatically grabs the septum and places it in the recycling box, then returns the glass placed on the tray to the conveying line, and the gripping mechanism returns to the top of the glass to end a cycle, in the process In-line intelligent automatic feeding of glass, single-chip transfer speed of 220 pieces / hour, servo motor drive, accurate and stable operation, fully automatic control, convenient feeding, no manual intervention, simple and firm overall structure, high stability .


The automatic Glass Loading Machine is thick and sturdy; the three arms are evenly loaded and can be used with a thickness of 5 to 19 mm and a flat glass of 2440 x 3660 mm. The arm is designed for four-bearing and is more than three times more durable than a two-bearing unit. The equipment comes with an air compressor, and the table top rod does not need a separate steam source; the arm has a three-stage automatic telescopic function, so there is no need to move the table every time the sheet is placed; the table top automatic steam float design can easily move the whole glass with one hand .


The automatic Glass Loading Machine is designed with a universal wheel moving device, which can be moved 360 degrees in the workshop, which solves the traditional problem of the glass searching device. The glass upper table can be moved directly to the glass frame for the upper film operation. The operation of the upper stage is controlled by wireless remote control, which effectively avoids the damage caused by the worker and the damage of the glass. The high-quality electrical control system ensures the stable operation of the equipment and makes the equipment safer.