Function and characteristics of automatic cutting EVA lay up machine and operation requirements

- Jun 24, 2019-

Automatic cutting EVA lay up machine for convenient output, high-speed cutting / indentation, rapid prototyping, knife-free, saving manpower and material resources, data, and improving production management. After importing the layout file into the computer, you can directly cut any graphic sample without opening the mold.


The automatic cutting EVA laying machine only needs one person to operate in the whole process of cutting, which can reduce the labor cost of manual cutting, improve the competitiveness of the product, and ensure high-precision cutting, ensuring product quality, reducing the loss caused by manual cutting, and cutting the blade. During the cutting process, there will be no problem of burnt yellowing, no gas will be generated, and environmental protection will be non-polluting.


Automatic cutting EVA laying machine features and features


The wide application of eva automatic cutting machine in the cutting market has made the safety of this kind of equipment tough test. The small eva automatic cutting machine is accepted by many factories. Then, buy a set of high-safe eva automatic cutting. The machine is very necessary, and we also need to learn how to use the eva automatic cutting machine correctly, to avoid unnecessary damage caused by the production process.