Functional description and structural characteristics of the automatic EVA lay up machine

- Dec 20, 2018-

The automatic EVA lay up machine belongs to the automatic production equipment in the field of photovoltaics, and in particular relates to an online EVA automatic laying cutting machine. It is an online EVA automatic laying and cutting machine with high production efficiency, reduced labor intensity and good product quality. The invention comprises a transmission mechanism arranged on the frame, and a lifting mechanism is arranged in the middle of the frame, the structural point of which corresponds to the end of the transmission mechanism is provided with a support frame, the support frame is provided with a horizontal slideway, and the horizontal slideway is provided with Cutting mechanism; the laying mechanism is arranged on the frame corresponding to the cutting mechanism.

Functional description of the automatic EVA lay up machine

The entire roll of EVA or backsheet is automatically cut and laid onto the assembly according to customer's requirements.

Structural features of automatic EVA lay up machine

1. The automatic material feeding and receiving materials adopt the photoelectric correction control system to automatically correct the deviation and control the digital circuit.

2. The equipment is equipped with an automatic tensioning and wrinkle removal mechanism to ensure that the surface of the EVA is flat.

3. Automatic cutting material adopts cylinder pressing and servo motor drive to ensure that the material inlet is flush and not skewed.

4. Double drive automatic clamping and laying mechanism, the whole piece of cut EVA is laid on the glass.

5. The laying mechanism is controlled by a touch screen system, and the required parameters can be set according to different products.