Functional description and structural design of PV module cutting laying machine

- Nov 15, 2018-

By using the PV module cutting laying machine, the entire roll of EVA or back sheet can be automatically cut and laid onto the component according to the size of the customer's requirements, thus facilitating the subsequent work of the component. The automatic discharging material of the PV module cutting and laying machine adopts the photoelectric rectification control system to automatically correct the deviation and control the digital circuit.


At the same time, it is equipped with an automatic tensioning and wrinkle mechanism to ensure that the surface of the EVA is flat. The automatic cutting material is pressed by the cylinder and driven by the servo motor to ensure that the material inlet is not skewed. The double-drive automatic clamping and laying mechanism places the entire cut EVA on the glass.


The laying mechanism of the PV module cutting and laying machine is controlled by a touch screen system, and the required parameters can be set according to different products. The equipment is equipped with an auxiliary feeding mechanism to facilitate manual feeding; while the base of the frame is welded with iron square and iron plates, and the overall mechanism is stable.