Functional features and advantages of EL detectors

- Jun 08, 2018-

During the use of the EL detector, the principle of electroluminescence can be used to detect defects in the solar cell module, to some extent, whether there is crack, fragmentation, fragmentation, imaginary welding, black heart or black border broken gate caused by damage, or Component defects lead to abnormal phenomena such as different conversion efficiency monolithic batteries.

Functional features of EL detector

1. Imaging unit: Infrared camera.

2. Closed darkroom: Artificial darkroom to prevent near-infrared imaging.

3. Test software: It is used to control the operation of the equipment and the camera shooting transmission.

4. Equipment function: used to detect internal defects and cracks in solar cells and components, leakage and other issues

The main advantages of EL detector

1. The structure of the EL detector is very reasonable and easy to adjust during the design process, so that the interface with the customer's production line can be easily realized to a certain extent.

2. The imaging effect of the EL detector is excellent, and it will have a cooling function when used. Under normal circumstances, the cooling effect can effectively reach -20°C, which can further enhance the image quality. The camera is divided into 1.4 million, 6 million, and 8.3 million different specifications, and dual cameras can be configured.

3. The EL detector effectively uses its professional pc software. Not only can it monitor the inspection process, but it also allows the customer to mark the defect type directly and save it along with the test results. With the local database can achieve the results of the query, at the same time with the customer database system interface function, can upload the test results in a timely manner, you can also report the work of the equipment, more features can be customized by the customer's needs.

4, automatic bar code scanning function.

The EL detector has the advantages of high sensitivity and fast detection speed to a certain extent, and its advantages such as direct image to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it is necessary to upgrade the key equipment of photovoltaic module quality, and the infrared detection of its products can be to some extent. In order to fully understand the internal problems of solar cells, provide basis for improving the production process, improve product quality, and promptly return the problem components to reduce losses as much as possible.