Future development and energy conversion of solar PV module automation machines

- Jun 11, 2019-

The solar cells of the solar PV module automation machine cannot be used directly for power supply. As a power source, several cells must be connected in series, in parallel, and tightly sealed into components. Solar modules (also called solar panels) are a core part of solar power systems and an important part of solar power systems. Its role is to convert solar energy into electrical energy, or send it to a battery for storage, or to drive the load.


Adopting German bus motion control technology, online detection control can be realized; production data can be fed back at any time, remote monitoring and redundant control are adopted, and system management is intelligent and efficient.


In the future development process, the solar photovoltaic module automation machine is mainly in the direction of full automation, which is mainly due to the fact that in terms of product stability and quality control, automation and labor are superior to manual operation, and The automatic control can release the labor force greatly, can effectively reduce the labor of the packaging process, and the personnel are reduced accordingly, which directly reduces the production cost and improves the economic benefit. Therefore, the future development trend of the photovoltaic module packaging equipment industry must be oriented towards full automation.