High-efficiency production and intelligent control system for automatic placing mould device

- May 21, 2019-

The automatic placing mould device is mainly through its intelligent control system, which effectively drives the template to perform horizontal and vertical precise movements according to its design pattern, thus sewing various and complicated lines.


The automatic placement template machine is in the auxiliary position in the manual production of the garment. The worker only needs to place and replace the pieces, and the remaining sewing, moving, positioning, trimming and inspection work are automatically completed by the machine. It reduces the labor intensity of workers and enables “one person, multi-machine” production, which changes the traditional clothing enterprises' dependence on skilled workers and labor-intensive production methods. Not only can the production cost of the garment enterprise be greatly reduced, but also the enterprise can carry out high-efficiency production.


The automatic placement template machine adopts the double screw rod transmission structure mode, and the X-axis Y-axis has excellent positional precision during the running process, and the round-track stitch height can be consistently matched during the sewing process. Meet demanding requirements. The intelligent template machine is aimed at the individual requirements of today's recruitment, high labor cost and complicated sewing process. It breaks through the traditional concept research, integrates advanced computer electronic control technology into the sewing machine, advanced design concept, powerful function, and subverts the traditional craft. , the traditional sewing process has been revolutionized!