High quality and sensitivity of the Solar module EL tester

- Mar 18, 2019-

The Solar module EL tester uses an imported infrared camera to ensure the overall quality of the equipment. The closed optical path design ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment, better adapts to different use environments, and powerful dedicated test software: full Chinese display interface, which can automatically scan the graphic code number and save the file according to the code. The scanned image can be enlarged to show details for easy judgment.

The solar module EL tester utilizes the electroluminescence principle of crystalline silicon to capture a near-infrared image of a component using a high-resolution infrared camera to acquire and determine component defects. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast detection speed and intuitive image. It is the key equipment to improve the quality of photovoltaic modules. Infrared detection can fully grasp the internal problems of solar cells, provide basis for improving production process, improve product quality, and timely solve problem components. Rework, reduce losses as much as possible.

The solar module EL tester guarantees the stability of the working state; the switching and adjustment of its output voltage, current and other functions can be controlled by the manual and control software interface, the output accuracy is up to the thousandth; the output power of the load can be maximized. Up to 760 watts, and comes with overload protection, to avoid damage to the battery by misuse.